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Re: [RFC] Support column alignment in (multi)select debconf questions

Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> writes:

> Otavio Salvador wrote:
>> This isn't accurate enough, I'm sorry. I think that any char we choose
>> as a separator needs to have a way to be escaped.
> A tab *means* "advance to the next column". Therefore, it would do
> exactly what it's intended to do, therefore there is no point in
> escaping it.

While I agree with the meaning I disagree about the useless of
escaping it.

Since I'm the only one worring about it, I'll stop to bothering people
with it and this is my last message about the character choosen.

I prefer to:

 - use a easy to identify character as separator (& | or whatever)
 - a way to escape this character (\& \| or whatever)

I dislike the idea of using comments to instruct the translator that
there's a tab. This looks reduntant and also very silly to me.

I do believe translator will do mistakes replacing them by spaces from
time to time and this will happen for those reasons:

 - editor configuration
 - translator forgetting about tab and following visual apparence of

I personally see no pros on using tab and those cons.

About the code itself and Frans comments (that were very useful and I
agree with them) I think it's OK and depending of Christian and Anton
comments about templates changes we might start merging it and
planning the templates changes to try to make it happen before beta1.

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