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Bug#331679: cdebconf-priority: Impossible to change prio from default to medium

found 331679 1.21

This issue is still present.

If the installer is booted with priority high (default), I back out to the 
menu, select "change priority" and accept "medium" as new priority, the 
following happens.
The next menu component is run at medium priority (nice), but after that 
component the installer does not show the menu (which it should do at 
medium priority), but instead continues with the the installation at high 

If I select a different priority using "change priority", I expect that to 
be persistent. To achieve that I still have to first select low priority 
and then run "change priority" a second time to select medium priority.

I'm not sure what exactly the change in 1.21 has achieved. AFAICT not much 
has changed.

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