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Bug#326243: Emdebian fix

Emdebian needs to use busybox in place of quite a few packages
(Emdebian is ditching "Essential:" along the way) and this bug caused
quite a few problems.

I've attached the interdiff that shows how to avoid this problem by
using the existing busybox install script.

applets/install.sh needs one tweak (commenting out three lines) so I've
copied it to debian/ and made the changes there.

busybox.links is a generated file that needs to be packaged for
install.sh to operate.

e.g. in Emdebian, I'm working with running:
cp ./usr/share/busybox/busybox.links .
cp ./usr/share/busybox/install.sh .
./install.sh . --symlinks
rm busybox.links
rm install.sh

(run in the top level directory of what will become the chroot)

There are other changes necessary to allow the Debian busybox package
to cross-compile. The full patches are in Emdebian SVN:


In particular:

+DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE=$(shell dpkg-architecture -qDEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE)
+DEB_BUILD_GNU_TYPE=$(shell dpkg-architecture -qDEB_BUILD_GNU_TYPE)
+MAKE += -e

 	@rm -rf $(DIR)
 	mkdir $(DIR)
 	cp '$(CONFIG)' $(DIR)/.config
-	$(MAKE) O=$(CURDIR)/$(DIR) oldconfig
-	$(MAKE) -C $(CURDIR)/$(DIR)
+	CC=$(CC) $(MAKE) O=$(CURDIR)/$(DIR) oldconfig
+	CC=$(CC) $(MAKE) -C $(CURDIR)/$(DIR)
 	cp $(DIR)/docs/BusyBox.1 $(DIR)/docs/busybox.1
 	touch $@

More testing needed but these changes are likely to be filed as a
separate cross-build bug in due course.


Neil Williams

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