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ALC883 audio codec and ALSA

Hi there.
I installed Debian Etch on my acer 5102wlmi notebook yesterday, in a
temporary partition (I already had Ubuntu installed, and wanted to
give Debian a try because of Ubuntu' s insanely slow booting process).
So, after booting, I let the system update the kernel and reboot.
Working fine. When I tested the sound system, suprise! It works! For
the first time in months I can record sound on my laptop. I was able
to use alsamixer , and record sound from both the built-in mic and the
external mic I have.
Since my Ubuntu Gutsy installation was a bit too slow and
misconfigured, I wiped it out, created a larger partition for Debian,
and installed it with the netinst disc.
But now, sound recording doesn' t  work anymore. Alsamixer fails
giving the message "alsamixer: function snd_mixer_load failed: Invalid
argument" , and amixer fails too.
Any clues? I'm going to get the alsa source and try compiling it myself, now.

Khristian Alexander Schönrock
http://agilizando.blogspot.com - Notícias Quentinhas de Tecnologia!
http://derkosak.blogspot.com - Meu blógue!

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