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"No kernel modules found" on today amd64


I have a MacBookPro, last version (June 2007). During installation from CD debian-testing-amd64-businesscard.iso, vesion oct7-0905UTC (today last version), md5sum d054222ff8db483c9f273015dda3d7b0:

1. I receive the following error:

"Load installer components from CD:
No kernel modules were found.  This probably is due to a mismatch..."

However, if I press yes, I choose no other component, the installation continue.

2. I have had deselected floppy during "modules to load" step, and now, during network hardware detection, it prints that the floppy kernel module was detected as matching my hardware, but I have no floppy in my laptop! Maybe there is another module which needs it?

3. The installer afterwards prints "Ethernet card not found on the system", but I have an Ethernet card in my laptop... And the installation stops by showing "... The failing step is: Detect network hardware".

I can give more information very fast (today). I am very interested to install debian on this machine :o)

Best regards,
Eugen Dedu

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