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Bug#445507: not working on mipsel - initrd not starting

Package: mklibs
Version: 0.1.26
Severity: important

It seems that mklibs is not working properly on mipsel.  When I boot a
daily d-i image made with mklibs it stops after:
| Freeing unused kernel memory: 124k freed
When I re-build the image with mklibs-copy, it works.  The only
difference is:

Binary files c/lib/libc.so.6 and m/lib/libc.so.6 differ
Binary files c/lib/libfribidi.so.0.0.0 and m/lib/libfribidi.so.0.0.0 differ
Binary files c/lib/libm.so.6 and m/lib/libm.so.6 differ
Binary files c/lib/libnss_dns-2.6.1.so and m/lib/libnss_dns-2.6.1.so differ
Binary files c/lib/libnss_files-2.6.1.so and m/lib/libnss_files-2.6.1.so differ
Binary files c/lib/libresolv.so.2 and m/lib/libresolv.so.2 differ
Binary files c/lib/libslang.so.2 and m/lib/libslang.so.2 differ

This is the same I reported back in September:
I was told that this was due to #433874 but given that this is fixed
now it must be something else.
Martin Michlmayr

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