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Bug#445501: mklibs-readelf --print-interp fails: relocation error

Package: mklibs
Version: 0.1.26
Severity: important

I'm getting the following on mipsel:

mklibs  -L ./tmp/cobalt_netboot-2.6_serial/tree/usr/lib -L ./tmp/cobalt_netboot-2.6_serial/udeblibs -v
 -d ./tmp/cobalt_netboot-2.6_serial/tree/lib --root=./tmp/cobalt_netboot-2.6_serial/tree \
                -L ./tmp/cobalt_netboot-2.6_serial/tree/usr/lib/cdebconf/frontend \
                -lnewt.so -ltext.so \
                `find ./tmp/cobalt_netboot-2.6_serial -type f -a \( -perm +0111 -o -name '*.so' -o -na
me '*.so.*' \) | grep -v udeblibs`
mklibs-readelf: relocation error: mklibs-readelf: symbol _ZSt16__ostream_insertIcSt11char_traitsIcEERS
t13basic_ostreamIT_T0_ES6_PKS3_i, version GLIBCXX_3.4.9 not defined in file libstdc++.so.6 with link t
ime reference
Command failed with status 127 : mklibs-readelf --print-interp ./tmp/cobalt_netboot-2.6_serial/tree/us
With output:
make[2]: *** [stamps/tree-cobalt_netboot-2.6_serial-stamp] Error 1

Martin Michlmayr

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