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Bug#444978: marked as done (Debian instalation)

On 10/2/07, Geert Stappers <stappers@stappers.nl> wrote:
> > > > I bought a new machine with mother board DG965SS from Intel and DVD
> > > > GSA-4160 from LG. When I install the Debian, the CD-ROM is not found
> > | | and is necessary to install the CD-ROM drive using the disquete
> > > Closing this install report because there is no software error.
> > Isn't "not detecting the CD-ROM" a sofware error?
> It is the boot software on the motherboard that is not detecting the CD-ROM,
> that is no software error in the debian-installer.

Well, that's not what I read from the report.  It might be that it's a
motherboard problem, but it also might be that after booting and
starting d-i, d-i says that the CD is not found.  This has happened to
me in the past, and I think it's possible for this to be happening
with some new piece of hardware.

I'd definitely ask the submitter for more information before closing
the bug disregarding a possible software problem.


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