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Bug#443831: apt-setup: Does not select mirror with netinst CD

On Monday 24 September 2007, you wrote:
> Is there a reason why you chose to make apt-setup look at netcfg's
> question instead of just checking for a default route?

No, there is not. I basically did not have the "no NIC present" use case in 

> If asking the question interactively does not set the seen flag then

I'd have expected you to know that ;-)

> it's impossible to reliably use the question as a check for whether
> netcfg configured the network, and the check should be removed and the
> question always asked,

Note that with my old, apt-setup would only default to using a mirror and 
thus time out. Your patch was intended to avoid that time out (which is 
fine), but at the cost of breaking the normal case. IMO timing out in 
situations that occur only rarely is even somewhat acceptable.

The check could remain and you could still skip the question at default prio 
if "Do not configure" was selected, you'd just have to raise the priority 
for other cases.

> or some more robust method use to see if the network is configured.

Feel free to implement a route based check and see how that works in 

> BTW, won't your check also fail if netcfg-static is used?

Quite possibly, but at least it would default to "use a mirror" in that 
case. Again, this would only result in the mirror timing out.

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