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Bug#442891: installation-report: setting up the clock + configuring package manager


On Mon, 17 Sep 2007 17:34:54 -0400 Joey Hess wrote:
> Using a netinst CD on a machine without a network is not very much
> recommended since it leaves you with a base system and no way to add
> whatever software you need, except for using a second CD.

Yes, that's correct. I primarily saw this problem,
when installing on the same laptop from a full CD "Etch KDE CD1". 
With such CD it should be possible to install on a machine
lacking a network card.

> I've fixed this bug, but I am not 100% sure it's the one you reported,
> since it doesn't match your reported behavior. Anyway, the fixed version
> works in my testing. Please let us know if it doesn't work in tomorrow's
> builds.

Let's see...

> > so I have to skip
> > the steps "Detect network hardware" and "Configure network",
> > and also the next step in the list, "Configure the clock"
> You don't need to; all these steps handle the case of there being no network
> cleanly. Clock setup will let you choose your timezone, even if it can't
> use ntp to synch the clock. Network configuration will still let you pick
> a hostname for the machine, which is useful even if it's not networked.

No, that's not correct. When choosing step "Configure the clock",
it says (wrote from mind, not exactly verbatim): 
"This step requires a step that wasn't performed, so that step
needs to be done before. Step that needs to be done before:
Configure network." 
Aka "Configure clock" requires network.
I wasn't able to configure timezone. And choosing a hostname
wasn't possible, too.

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