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Bug#420448: I can't install kernel for amd64

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That was for the Debian Bug Tracking system.

Op 25-07-2007 om 18:57 schreef Frans Pop:
| Sunday April 22th, Matthieu Paniez:
> > During installation, when it installs my kernel, it can not find it.
> > I see the var/log and it couldn't find cdrom//pool/???/kernel-???.deb.
> > So, I can't finalise installation.
> Could you please send us the /var/log/syslog for an installation with the 
> failure? You can probably use the option "Save debug logs" in the main 
> menu of the installer for this.

Hello Matthieu,

While checking the status for http://bugs.debian.org/434580 did I
see a reference to this bugreport.

Could you please provide more information
about the not found kernel-???.deb?

Geert Stappers

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