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Re: mixed iso9660/udf DVDs

Robert Millan wrote:
> It seems the vista DVD is a mixed iso9660/udf whose iso9660 contains a
> README pointing out that you should use udf, etc.  Probably other DVDs do
> (or will do) the same.  The default fstab setting makes "mount /cdrom" use
> iso9660, whereas "auto" seems to choose the appropiate option for each case.
> I would suggest:

The current default of udf,iso9660 should make mount try each filesystem
in the order listed and so use udf first. Is there some reason this
doesn't work in your case?

There might be other benefits to using type=auto. I've seen machines
where ext2 needed to be added to the fs list since ext2 formatted CDs
were used. The only real downside seems to be if libblkid guesses the
filesystem type incorrectly.

see shy jo

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