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problems with debconf-apt-progress


I am experiencing some weird problems with debconf-apt-progress during
the tasksel step when using the etch netinst cd (amd64).
I am using the iso from:


the debconf pkg on the iso fs is:


here is what happens; tasksel will hang while configuring some package
(which one depends on the tasks that are selected. for example it
happened with iamerican or pidentd). it always happens at 95% (which
seems to be the --to for debconf-apt-progress launched by tasksel).
after that ps shows a zombie debconf-apt-progress. 

if I modify tasksel not to use
debconf-apt-progress at all, commenting it out like this:

   if ($manual_selection) {
        # Manaul selection and task installs, as best
        # aptitude can do it currently. Disables use of
        # debconf-apt-progress.
#   elsif (-x "/usr/bin/debconf-apt-progress") {
#       @aptitude="debconf-apt-progress";
#       push @aptitude, split(' ', $options{'debconf-apt-progress'})
#           if exists $options{'debconf-apt-progress'};
#       push @aptitude, qw{-- aptitude -q};
#   }
    else {

tasksel will no longer hang (well, the progress bar will not work either, 
but it is better than a non working install)
the machine I am trying to install debian to is an 4 way double core 64
bits Xeon.

any idea what could be wrong? how can I get more details about what
really happened with debconf-apt-progress ? (I am using
DEBCONF_DEBUG=developer, but it did not help much though)

bye now!

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