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Re: [g-i] Test image built with directfb 1.0.1-2 and GTK+ 2.11.6-1

Jérémy Bobbio wrote:

To see how smooth would be the migration to core components of the
graphical installer currently in experimental, I have built a test image
using directfb 1.0.1-2 and GTK+ 2.11.6-1.

I have not noticed any problems so far, but perhaps some of you could.
You can get the image at:

(This image was built with my "cdebconf_tetris" branch.)

By monitoring debconf's memory usage during installation process, it looks to me the patch recently added to gtk/dfb to fix a memory leak occourring at window destruction does its job.

It would also be interesting knowing how the new set of libraries performs on PPC architecture, especially on boxes equipped with nvidia graphic chips, whre DFB 0.9.25 used to crash.



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