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Bug#442180: d-i preseed method allows for remote cmd exec. in combination with DNS hijacking

Moritz Naumann wrote:
> The default boot option used by this package contains the following:
> preseed/url=http://goodbye-microsoft.com/runtime/preseed.cfg

There is a compile time option (NETWORK_BASE_URL) that can enable this,
and maybe it's enabled on the goodbye-microsoft.com version (didn't check),
but that is not a Debian website. The option is not used in the version
of win32-loader included in Debian.

BTW, if you can use DNS hijacking to sppof
http://goodbye-microsoft.com/runtime/preseed.cfg , it may be easier to
simply spoof http://goodbye-microsoft.com/pub/debian.exe . Then you can
use a platform that is demonstrabably suburb at running virii and
botnets. :-)

(d-i preseeding does support specifying the md5sums of preseed files.)

see shy jo

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