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Re: tasksel avoidance

I'm still not getting the equivalent result of not ever running tasksel during an install.

I've ended up with the following extra packages on the system.

dictionaries-common                           install
ibritish                                      install
ispell                                                install
myspell-en-gb                                 install
util-linux-locales                            install
wbritish                                      install


Joey Hess wrote:
Ian McDonald wrote:
Simple question I hope. I'm doing network preseeds, and can't see how to skip tasksel completely. I've tried d-i tasksel/skip boolean true, as for other sections, but it's having no effect.

I've read the manual, and section B4.10 states that you can install no tasks, but I've tried a few combinations of no, none etc without joy either.

tasksel tasksel/first multiselect
Note the trailing space at end of line.

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