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[manual] Replace cm-super with cm-super-minimal in build-deps?

Hi Felipe,

You may want to check if it is possible to replace cm-super with 
cm-super-minimal in the build dependencies for the Installation Guide.
I suspect it should be possible.

I added it because it improved the PDF build for Russian (both speed and 
quality), but the minimal version may be just as effective for that and 
switching to the minimal version would save ~48MB on any system that builds 
the manual.

To test you should do builds for Russian/PDF:
- with cm-super (and -minimal) installed
- with only cm-super-minimal) installed
- without cm-super* installed
and compare the time needed to build and the quality of the output.

I'm not sure if you will need to delete your font cache or not. I suspect it 
should not be necessary.


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