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Bug#439410: More questions about multipath for d-i (was: Bug#439410: Updated patch)

On Sat, Sep 01, 2007 at 02:50:09PM +0200, Guido Guenther wrote:
> things are now basically working. Attached is an updated patch. Patches
> to hw-detect, partman-base, partman-auto, parted, grub, grub-installer
> and of course a partman-multipath follow as soon as I got around to
> cleanup the code.

A few more questions regarding multipath support in the

 * Are you going to support this in the future?

   I am unsure if there is anyone having the necessary hardware to
   ensure that multipath is working correctly in the future.  So I would
   feel a lot more comfortable in adding multipath support to d-i if you
   are willing to maintain it. :)

 * Could installations on multipath be emulated?

   Is there any way to emulate an installation on multipath using
   qemu, virtualbox or a similar tool?  waldi told me that dm-linear was
   one of the way to do so but I don't know how it would interact with

 * Could you provide us with a test image?

   I'd like to have a feeling about the necessary steps to configure
   multipath.  Could you provide us with a test image with your current
   achievements (especially if the above is true!).

As a last notice, for complete support, we will also need an update of
the installer manual (and the appendix about preseeding).

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