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Bug#440301: iso-scan.postinst fails to find ISO on partitioned USB stick

Package: debian-installer
Version: 4.0r1

When installing from hd-media boot image on a USB stick which has been
partitioned, the ISO image is not found.

I tracked the problem down to the interaction between iso-scan.postinst
and list-devices. 'list-devices partition' will not find partitions on
USB sticks that detect as floppies, and 'list-devices floppy' will only
show the USB stick device, not any partitions it may have.

My workaround was to cause 'list-devices partition' to also list
partitions on USB floppies. This got the job done, but it's probably not
suitable for release as it confused the partitioner and slowed it down
quite a bit. Someone more familiar with the various interactions with
list-devices should come up with a better idea.
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