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Bug#384342: Found the same bug - workaround

Hello, I happened to hit this exact same bug.

While trying to boot a businesscard cdrom (etch, kernel 2.6.18,
installer built on 20070820) on an Enterprise ultra 450 (2x ultrasparc
268 Mhz, 768 MB RAM) my installation loaded the kernel, then tried to
load ramdisk and then issued an "illegal instruction" error.

I found a thread here:

it basically says Solaris "messes up" obp; certainly, my system had
attempted a boot from Solaris prior to my install attempts. I
cold-booted the system and this time debian installer worked perfectly.

The post on the thread advises to : do "setenv auto-boot? false" in obp,
power the machine off, back on and THEN try booting from cdrom.

Hope this helps in tracking down the problem, though at least in my case
and the original report's, it would appear to not be d-i's fault.

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