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Re: [D-I] Status of console-setup switch

[This reply only to debian-boot, next to debian-i18n also]

On Fri, Aug 10, 2007 at 08:08:54AM +0200, Christian Perrier wrote:
> > +    console-setup)
> > +	apt-install console-setup || true
> > +	db_set debian-installer/keymap '' || true
> > +	;;
> >  esac

This is required only if console-setup is used without its udebs.  If
udebs are also used, then this is not necessary (but makes no harm).
I think all console-related code in localechooser will be obsoleted if
the udebs are used.

> And switch a few language to use console-setup:
> .../...
> > -French;1;fr;FR;fr_FR.UTF-8;;kbd=lat9u-16(utf8)
> > +French;1;fr;FR;fr_FR.UTF-8;;console-setup
> .../... (similar changes to languages listed above)
> ....then I tested a netboot install in French....and ended up in a
> perfectly working system with correct support for French keybord at
> the console and a very nice display with a very readable font

Yes. :) Console-setup was ready for etch.  The only tricky part are
the udebs since I will not be able to help much here if some problems
arise.  But since 95% of the code in the udebs is the same as the code
in the standalone package I don't expect any difficult problems.

Anton Zinoviev

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