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Bug#437018: Network shouldn't be used/enforced on non-network installs

I guess having it look for a network in the background and silently fail would be preferable, in any case.  Is this doable?

On 8/10/07, Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> wrote:
Quoting Tim Hull ( thully@umich.edu):

> It would be GREAT if the network-related steps would be skipped/bypassed on
> a default install from non-netinstall media.  Users then could configure the
> network at their leisure after the install using the tools they prefer
> (NetworkManager etc).  Could this be considered?

Probably not. Having a system with immediate support for security
updates is one of the key features of Debian. Doing this would defeat
that design choice.

I'm letting other D-I team members give their advice and decide
whether this bug report should be kept or marked "wontfix".


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