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Re: Bug#436458: anna: not handling nostrip build option (policy 10.1) sid/i386

Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> writes:

> Quoting Julien Danjou (acid@debian.org):
>> Package: anna
>> Version: 1.27
>> Severity: wishlist
>> User: buildd@naquadah.org
>> Usertags: nostrip
>> Hello,
>> There was a problem while autobuilding your package with DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nostrip.
>> Final binaries are still stripped.
>> If you call dh_strip correctly in debian/rules, this may mean that upstream
>> is stripping anyway.
> Yes, "upstream" does. We are upstream as anna is a udeb-only
> package. and there is really no point, imho, in stripping a binary
> meant for a udeb...
> Julien, the testing script should probably avoid testing packages that
> only produce udebs.
> Other D-I team members, OK to close this bug report?

Well, I think that's good to be able to build it with debugging

I can work on it and add this support if noone objects.

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