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armel debian-installer using gnuab repo

I've prepared a build of d-i that uses the gnuab.org armel repository,
which currently holds the armel debs that the armel porters hope will
eventually get into Debian proper.

I made some minor modifications to d-i for this build, but it's
basically the same quality image as other daily d-i builds. (Though it's
not yet built daily.) Like the daily arm builds of the installer, it
lacks a version of the nslu2 image that includes non-free firmware.
Unlike other daily builds of d-i, this installs unstable, not testing,
since gnuab doesn't have testing. It will also automatically make apt
use the gnuab gpg key, and add the "unreleased" suite from gnuab.org,
which contains some packages built with patches that have not yet been
uploaded into Debian proper.

The build can be downloaded from here:

This superscedes my old build, that used the original armel repository.
The old build can still be downloaded from here:

Thanks to Riku and Guillem for their help getting the gnuab repository
to the point that d-i can use it.

see shy jo

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