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Bug#435769: debian-installer: no checking for sufficient disk space

Quoting Frédéric Brière (fbriere@fbriere.net):
> Package: debian-installer
> Severity: normal
> d-i does not appear to make sure that the partitioning scheme it has
> been given allows for sufficient space.  This was made painfully obvious

Hmm, that would require knowing what exactly the user wants to

Indeed, at least checking that the base system will fit before running
base-installer would be something to do. However, there is currently
no way to really know what the size of a Debian base system is because
it depends on what packages are part of it.

We could however have some hardcoded value somewhere for /, /usr and
/var and have partman choke if one of these is below this value. But,
even this is not that trivial to implement.

This, that bug could be reassigned to some partman-* package.

For something that warns users that the partitioning scheme does not
fit the choice of packages, see #282155 which no-one has been able to
implement (here again, the size of an installed system depend on the
user's choices).

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