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Bug#435212: (no subject)

On Sun, Jul 29, 2007 at 10:59:45PM -0500, Thomas Krichel wrote:
> I don't want to change partitioning. I don't want to format
> anything. In fact, I am only installing the system to fix some errors
> in the C library locations.

The "rescue" mode of the debian-installer is what you would have needed,
then.  See:

> I just want to make /dev/hda1 to be the root file system.
> [...]
> It would be useful to have an item "mount already existing file
> system" as earlier versions of the installer had.

During [1], you just had to select the first partition of your first
hard drive and in the subsequent menu, to select "keep and use the
existing data".

[1] http://raneb.openlib.org/~krichel/f1.jpg

I am not sure I see a bug in your installation report.  You did create a
new partition table despite the warning and given that you wanted to
keep your existing partition...

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