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Bug#431713: install prob: debian-40r0 on SI 3112 controller.

"Tim Blank" <tb@quicknet.nl> writes:

"Tim Blank" <tb@quicknet.nl> writes:

>    Cd boots fine. Partioning went ok, but after that, the basesystem
>    installation fails. It cant find the CD rom player. I talked to others
>    about this problem and it could be a problem with installing Debian on
>    SATA HDDs. I have 2 sata hdds on my onboard Silicon Image 3112
>    controller. As far as I know, that controller should work with the
>    kernel, build in the cd. I don't use the disks in RAID or JBOD. Any
>    clue what to do next?

Is possible to you to get the syslog from the installer? You can, when
it fails, come to the menu and use the Save logs option and then store
it anywhere is suitable for you.

With this we can have some useful informations to try to identify
where it's failing.

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