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Bug#430545: Display goes off at the mid of installation

reassign 430545 xserver-xorg-core
tags 430545 + d-i

On Monday 25 June 2007 15:56, nirupama rout wrote:
> The installation goes fine till the configuring of
> xserver-xorg phase and suddenly the display goes off
> and shows blank screen with boxes that are unreadable
> but the progress bar still seems to move and the
> installation finishes successfully and cd comes
> out.These things happen only in text mode of
> installation
> In GUI way of installation the installation goes fine
> till the same stage and suddenly shows installation
> failed at the configuration phase as in text mode of
> installtion.

The most likely explanation I can come up with is that when XOrg is being 
set up it probes your hardware and that that somehow results in the 
broken display. This seems to me a bug in the XOrg driver or maybe the 
kernel driver for your graphics controller (or maybe your hardware is not 
detected correctly).

To complete your installation, I would suggest not selecting the desktop 
task during the installation. The problem should then be avoided and you 
can still install XOrg and Gnome/KDE after rebooting into the new system.

Reassigning this report to the XOrg team so they can furter investigate 
this issue with you.


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