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Bug#430361: tasksel: Desktop (or Standard) task should install ttf-bitstream-vera

Hi Eduardo,

Eduardo Silva wrote:
> Package: tasksel
> Version: 2.66
> Severity: wishlist
> When you configure fontconfig-conf, you learn that by default debian uses bitstreamvera fonts. But strangely, this 
> font is not installed by default, no even on the Desktop task.
> I suggest that it does, in either the Standard or Desktop task: It's a pretty good font, and good replacement for the 
> Sans, Sans 
> Serif, etc. fonts.

Actually, DejaVu is the default font. It's an extended version of
Bitstream Vera, and it's included by default. If fontconfig-config says
otherwise, it's a bug in that package.

I believe Sans and Serif are actually mapped to DejaVu, and they look
exactly like Bitstream Vera.


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