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NSLU2 Hangs on installation reboot

First I'd like to say, I had absolutely no issues installing RC2, in
fact the experience was much better than either Unslung or OpenSlug,
the auto-configuration for Web Server / Samba Share worked great.

Now, my issue is trying to get Debian/NSLU2 Stable 4.0r0 to work on a
different slug (still running RC2 on one of my slugs). Here is a run
down of what happens:

1. Web configuration, set up the following:
 Subnet Mask:
 Primary DNS: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
 DNS 1: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
 DNS 2: Blank

2. Disconnect HD, throw the slug into upgrade mode.

3. upslug2 on OS X:
 sudo ./upslug2 -i di-nslu2.bin

4. upslug2 runs fine, NSLU2 reboots, flashes all green and then:
 Status: Amber, Network: Green (occasionally blinks with activity)

5. That's it. I can't SSH into the box (30 minutes later), when I do
try to connect to:
 ssh installer@
 There is some activity on the network light, but it just eventually times out.

When the Debian install didn't work, I reflashed the slug with the
Linksys firmware using upslug2 and I was able to use the web interface
and see that the network information persisted between flashes.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

- jake

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