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[RFC] DebianOn : an installation guide framework


I have done some work on a project i would call "DebianOn". I am now
requesting for comments on it.

The idea is to have a place where Debian users can report how a given
hardware is supported by Debian (stable or testing), and to document how
to actually configure it.

Actually, the DebianOn project is simply made of :
- a set of templates (on a Debian, collaborative place = wiki )
- some guidelines
- some ratings + logo for buyers (I will request for comments on the
debian-publicity and debian-project mailing-list).

D-I, Debian Installation guide and DebianOn share a purpose : make Debian
easier to install and use.
Do you have some comments about :
- How to prevent overlapping of Debian Installation guide and DebianOn ?
- How to prevent overlapping of installation-report and DebianOn report ?
- What "synergy" among the three ?
Any other comments are welcome, of course.

Project front page
A sample installation quide (the only one currently ;)



P.S. i am currently at debconf, and available for a discussion.

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