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Bug#428906: instalation-report: Won't allow me to create root partition as jfs

Please close this bug -

It was due to a not formatted partition.

Might be a usability issue of the installer - should have warned me I was being stupid.

What I did - I was installing over an old Linux drive.

I removed all partitions, and recreated them - but I failed to mark them to be formatted.

Geert Stappers wrote:
Op 14-06-2007 om 20:59 schreef Karl Schmidt:
-- System Information:
Debian Release: 4.0r0

On a K7 system I was not able to have / as jfs.

I have been able to do this befor and have other machines runnig that way. The install fails by saying it can not mount the / partition.

To my mind comes to idea to load jfs kernel module.

It is because I think that jfs.ko is not load by default by the

My advice is to play with the menu option "load extra modules"

Hope this helps

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