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Bug#428913: Acknowledgement (debian-installer-manual: improve partman-auto/expert_recipe example)

I've just found something in my preseeding file that seems to change the
story here.

For some reason I had this as the first line of the expert recipe item:
  partman-auto/expert_recipe string boot-root
instead of
  d-i partman-auto/expert_recipe string boot-root

I commented out the choose_recipe line from my patch
  d-i partman-auto/choose_recipe select boot-root
and things still work, ie the installer does not halt and
ask me which autopartitioning scheme I want to use.

So perhaps the patch is superfluous.
However I can't see much harm in including it as to my eyes it makes it clearer which partitioning scheme is being selected. It's unclear to me whether the presence of an expert_recipe in the preseed file will always trump the standard recipes that come with the installer. If this is the
case could that be explicitly documented in the appendix, eg

 # Or provide a recipe of your own...
+# If you provide an expert_recipe the installer will use this
+# automatically, in preference to the predefined partitioning recipes.
 # The recipe format is documented in the file devel/partman-auto-recipe.txt.

Aside from this, attention should be drawn to the need for an inline expert recipe to have the 'd-i' prefixed to it, while a recipe in a
file should not (must not?) have this.


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