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Re: Bug#385074: virtual console switching doesn't work: this is still an issue

Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:
Frans Pop wrote:
On Thursday 14 June 2007 10:46, Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:
yep, that's correct: after etch r0, something has changed in gcc and
now libgcc.so.1 is required also by i386 images ( and possibly ppc ): i
think the EXTRAFILES workaround should be applied to i386 and ppc in
the etch branch of the installer (see my yesterday's reply to #427657)

Why should it be applied in the Etch branch if the issue only affects daily images? Or am I missing something here?

It has already been fixed for daily images.

As i reported yesterday, i built a miniiso from the "etch" branch in svn and, everytime i switched to VTn, the installer crashed.

The workaround was adding the EXTRAFILES=/lib/libgcc.so.1 to i386 configuration files in etch branch, like you previously did for the installer in trunk (and, infact, if you build from trunk, you won't get the crash at VT switch).

Isn't the "etch" branch the one Etch next pointrelease is going to be taken ?

One more thing: ihavent tested the g-i on PPC, but i suspect we may need to add the EXTRAFILES=/lib/libgcc.so.1 thing to PowerPc configuration files in both trunk and etch branch. It would be nice if someone could build from both trunk and etch branch and test on PPC and report whether the workaround is needed or not.



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