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Bug#428749: G-I: Some graphical elements have lost their color

Frans Pop wrote:
Package: cdebconf-gtk-udeb

With current daily images, checkboxes and radio buttons are completely black. For etch, the checkmark in a checkbox and the center of the selected radio button did have a red color.

Filing this report against cdebconf as I'm not sure what the cause of this regression is. As there have been no changes in the theme, I suspect that this is a change somewhere in Gnome, possibly in the Clearlooks engine. It may be a regression, but it could also be that we now need to explicitly set this color somewhere in the Clearlooks gtkrc file.

I'm not sure that's the cause, but i see, in VT1, a lot of Clearlooks warnings like "Clearlooks configuration option "menuitemstyle" is not supported and will be ignored". I think something has changed in gtkrc syntax and we may need to update our gtkrc files: pherhaps we should ask advice to debian-gnome guys?



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