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Bug#414785: rootskel-gtk: Improve the banner on top of the gui installer

Hi Mike,

I've built the graphical installer using this improved banner.
It proved to be a bit more work than expected as I also had to modify the 
Clearlooks theme so that the progress bar and selected items match the 
new banner. It looked quite horrible in combination with the current 
color as it is quite a bit different shade of red.

I finally ended up with #C00040, which results in the following 

There is one problem with implementing a banner with a gradient like this, 
is that we currently use vga=788, which is 16-bit color depth. This makes 
the banner look striped as can be seen in the screenshots. I've tried 
booting with vga=789 (32-bit), but it seems that is not supported by the 
VESA framebuffer we use...

So, I'm a bit uncertain whether to proceed with the new banner or not.
Other opinions welcome.

If we do continue, I'd like to see the GNU/Linux text repositioned a bit. 
I think it would look better just a bit closer to the logo and probably 
moved down a bit so it has the same baseline as "debian" (the black text, 
not the shade).


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