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Re: USB-floppy install problem

peter green wrote:
Greg Flynn wrote:
Frans Pop wrote:
On Monday 11 June 2007 02:51, Greg Flynn wrote:
I'm trying to install debian 4.0r0 via the floppy images.  The laptop
is a Averatec 3200 series laptop with AMD Athlon XP-m 2000+, 256MB RAM,
a dead DVD-ROM/CD-RW (will not work at all), Via chipset(not sure
exactly which) and Via-rhine II ethernet.  The floppy drive i'm trying
to install from is an external USB floppy.

Because of the size of the kernel, installing from a USB floppy drive is not supported for Etch (the USB driver modules just do not fit on the boot floppy anymore).

If you have no alternatives, we suggest you try installing Sarge instead and upgrade afterwards.

Note that installing Sarge is not really straightforward at the moment. The problem is that the installer does not really support installing "oldstable'. As far as we know, it should be possible to work around any problems. We are working to improve that with the next point release for Sarge.

I tried sarge back in the day and it has the same issue with the usb, after the boot floppy, it won't be able to find any other one

I have had recent reports of a sucessfull sarge install with a usb floppy drive. The suite switch issues were avoided by using an appropriate date from snapshot.debian.net as the source (i wouldn't rely on that method though given thier habit of losing stuff). There WERE a load of io errors trying to find the root floppy but it found it eventually. The net drivers floppy was also a pain to get in (required waiting for a timeout and manualy selecting a device that was marked as scsi).

Sometime when i'm less busy with other stuff i intend to contact the isolinux guys about the possibility of reading in more than one floppy before booting linux and seeing if i can make a set of floppies that boot D-I that way. btw on a related note will the current plans for fixing up the sarge installer also allow for installing it after it is moved to archive?

sorry that should have been syslinux not isolinux and i got the list address wrong

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