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Re: Preseeding Partitioning of 400-G Disk

Op 06-06-2007 om 09:36 schreef Youssef Eldakar:
> I have been struggling with this preseeding configuration to get the
> RAID partitioning to work, and I have been going through the
> documentation (B.4.5), but I have not yet been able to get it to
> partition the disks. I would appreciate any help.

At http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html
is a good text that suggests to write E-mail which starts with

| Hello,
| After studing the Debian-Installer manual 
| and especial the section about preseeding,
| I took the example that is close to my need.

Next you could tell whether it works or works not for you.

If the example is broken, it will get attention.

If you want more then the example, it is up you put more effort in it.
There are several ways to do so. You have allready tried reposting[1]
When good admin skill are available, then modify the example to your
need. Rewriting your need as a common need, could also help.
Hiring someone to do the extra work is allways an option.

Hope this Helps
Geert Stappers, who did ignore the previous posting.

1: without showing any progress

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