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Bug#412922: please generate win32-loader.ini "manifest" file

On Thursday 31 May 2007 20:19, Robert Millan wrote:
> Maybe this is a good time to review this?  I'm attaching a new patch,
> with some minor changes including adapting to latest win32-loader.ini
> syntax.

I guess my main reservation against this is that including a Windows .ini 
file and thus making the installer autoload within Windows if the CD is 
inserted, _increases_ our "responsibility" if the user should fail to 
read (or probably more importantly: understand) any of the warnings 
about "erasing your harddisk and losing existing data".

The fact that actually starting an install stills involve a reboot, is not 
a real safeguard as installing almost anything interesting on Windows 
requires a reboot anyway.

The fact that currently the installer needs to be booted completely 
separately, at least makes absolutely clear to even the most clueless 
Windows user that Debian is not some Windows proggie that can "just be 
tried" (as running random Windows proggies is of course always "safe", 

I could probably be convinced to include this on CD images if the patch 
would not start your loader, but would open a modified README.html that 
has an extensive explanation of what Debian is and only contains a link 
to the loader itself.
This would however increase the need for translation of the README.html 
(which is a worthwhile goal for debian-cd anyway).

The same would go for USB keystick, but I am not sure if this should be 
included in other installation methods.

Note that this is not an RM standpoint, but just my own opinion.


P.S. What is the status of acceptance of the loader into the archive?

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