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Re: floppies, a radical proposal

Op 31-05-2007 om 19:47 schreef peter green:
> the current setup for Debian boot floppies requires to load enough
> stuff to boot the linux kernel and read further floppies to be on the
> first floppy, more kernel bloat is making this more and more difficult
> and resulting in reduced functionality (you can't install etch from
> a USB floppy drive whereas you can install sarge from one).
> Since we already know the bios can read the users floppy drive (or
> they wouldn't have been booting off it) it would seem to make sense
> to load all the floppies BEFORE loading linux and abandoning the
> bios's services.
> what do others think?

I wonder what program keeps track of all the data that comes from
the floppies.

Geert Stappers

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