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Bug#426284: debian-installer: partitioner doesn't seem to create RAID devices

reassign 426284 installation-reports

On Sunday 27 May 2007 19:11, Toni Mueller wrote:
> using the official i386 installer CD #1 in expert mode, I am unable to

I guess you mean the official Etch installer?

> create RAID devices using the menues. When I'm in the partitioner, I
> create identical "physical RAID volume" layouts for my (two SATA)
> disks, recognized as sd2 and sd3, then go to "Configure Software RAID",

sd2 and sd3? Sounds very unlikely as disks are named sda, sdb, sdc, etc.

> then say "create MD device", enter appropriate parameters, then say
> "finish", and then nothing happened. No RAID device is shown in the
> partition list, and I cannot exit the partitioner because I "have no
> root device".

This functionality has been tested fairly extensively and is known to 
generally work. From the short description of the "appropriate 
parameters" we cannot determine if this is a real issue or an error in 
the use of the partitioner by you.

Please provide:
- the output of 'fdisk -l' for both disks just _after_ the point where you 
select "configure software RAID" and have confirmed that you want to 
write pending changes to the partition table
- a verbose description of the dialogs you see after choosing "configure 
software RAID" and the choices you make c.q. values you enter


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