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d-i testing, qemu, images

If you don't normally read my blog, check this out:

The test logs are as always, here:

Some of the failure for i386, amd64, mips* are real d-i issues, but I'm
also dealing with some mirror problems ATM, so it'll be more accurate in
a couple days.

I've also just finished configuring it so that it uses qemu savevm
before shutting down qemu after each test. This is especially handy for
tests that failed, since you can run qemu on the same disk image again,
and use 'loadvm 1' to restore the running d-i system that failed, and
debug the problem. Without the bother of booting d-i and trying to
reproduce it. If you don't think this is totally great, you've not
wasted as much time debugging d-i as I have. :-)

I want to again invite d-i developers to use this new machine if you
need a fast machine to run qemu/kvm on for d-i testing or development, or
if you want to get access to any of the disk images it saves of its test

Finally, if anyone can give me hints at booting d-i in an emulator in
any of the arches I don't yet cover, that would be great. The digress
test apparatus should work with any emulator that can output text.

see shy jo

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