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Bug#424942: closed by Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> (reply to 424942@bugs.debian.org) (Re: Bug#424942: debian-installer: Cannot use entire RAID device rather than partitioning it)

Debian Bug Tracking System wrote:
> On Friday 18 May 2007 01:04, Josh Triplett wrote:
>> The partitioner does not allow using an entire RAID device such as
>> /dev/md0; it wants to partition the device.  I want to use /dev/md0 as
>> an LVM container, so I don't want to create a partition; a partition
>> just means one more thing I have to resize if I want to add to the RAID
>> later.
> That is just not true. Even stronger: you currently cannot partition a 
> RAID device (see e.g. #392042, #417973).
> You need to select the RAID volume and set it to "Use as physical volume 
> for LVM"; then return to the main partman menu and select "Configure 
> LVM". This will do exactly what you want.

I did exactly that, and received the error below, suggesting to me that
the installer had tried to partition the device.  Apparently I just ran
into the known issue.  Thanks for the information.

>> Also, when attempting to create the partition on the RAID, I got an
>> error along the lines of "Failed to tell the kernel about the new
>> partitions on /dev/md0".
> That is a known issue. See BRs referred to above.

Ah; that issue apparently misled me into believing that d-i had
partitioned /dev/md0.

- Josh Triplett

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