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Bug#415634: amarok

Quoting Joey Hess (joeyh@debian.org):
> I know that a lot of kde users use amorak. However, juk is still, AFAIK,
> the standard KDE music player, and is already included via
> kdemultimedia.

> Do we really want to bloat the kde task with alternate programs that
> some users prefer?


#401861 already suggests adding a few apps such as k3b,
amarok, etc. to kde-extras as "Depends".

kde-extras currently Recommends a bunch of packages:

abakus, amarok, apollon, arson, basket, codeine, creox, digikam,
gtk-qt-engine, guarddog, guidedog, gwenview, hotswap-gui, k3b,
kaffeine, karamba, kasablanca, kbarcode, kbfx, kboincspy, kbiff,
kcpuload, kde-guidance, kdiff3, kdirstat, keep, kerry, keybled, kflog,
kfocus, kftpgrabber, kid3, kile, klibido, klog, klogic, kmplayer,
kmymoney2, knapster2, knemo, knetfilter, knetload, knights, knmap,
knutclient, koffice, komba2, komparator, kompose, konversation, kover,
kphone, kphotoalbum, kpowersave, kpsk, krecipes, krecord, krusader,
kscope, ksensors, ksimus, ksplash-engine-moodin, ksudoku, ksystemlog,
ktechlab, ktorrent, kvdr, kvirc, kvpnc, kwave, kwavecontrol, kwlan,
kxmleditor, noteedit, regina-normal, rekall, rosegarden4, rsibreak,
showimg, smb4k, strigi-applet, synce-kde, taskjuggler, tellico, tora,
wlassistant, wordtrans-kde, yakuake

If tasksel adds kde-extras *and* now uses --with-recommends, the KDE
task will grow significantly. However, this would somewhat answer the
need mentioned in #415634.

In any case, I don't really see a need to specifically add amarok to
the KDE task anyway. Either we add kde-extras and then choose to bloat
the KDE task...or we do nothing.

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