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Bug#423940: Package: installation-reports

reassign 423940 uswsusp
retitle 423940 Could not detect the swap partition after a fresh install with D-I

> 1.  Did not detect wireless network card.  Intel Wireless WiFi Link
> 4965AGN (802.11a/g/n)  (Maybe too new for Linux support yet?  Will know
> more once I try to make it work...)

You're very probably right.....or it needs a firmware to be loaded,
which is something not supported yet in the installer.

> 2.  uswsusp could not find the swap partition. (This is my first laptop
> install...  maybe no big deal.)

Hmmm, strange, but should really be dealt with the uswsusp package

Reassigning that bug report to this package, in the hope that this
will be trackable and reproducible.

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