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Bug#420820: no console set IBM p5 server

> > I got the login prompt after I modified /etc/inittab (via a linux
> > install I had on another disk).
> OK, your report did not really make that clear. It was probably not really
> necessary to include the login prompt then. I understood that that is
> what you saw when it appeared to be hanging.

Sorry, yes I was a little terse. Just wanted to indicate that I finally was
able to get the login prompt.

> > > How exactly did you boot the installer (with what parameters)?
> > I tried both 'install64' and 'expert64'.
> So you did not add any 'console=...' parameter?

No, I added no kernel parameters.

> Did the installer itself correctly use the serial console despite that?

Yes, the installer used the serial port correctly.

> > Nothing else was echo'ed to the screen. At the time, I did not realize
> > that with Etch the sshd server is not enabled by default.
> Correct, it is not. Unless you use the network-console component of the
> installer which enables you to do the main part of the installation over
> ssh. In that case sshd is installed.
> > I later understood that the system was up an running just fine, except
> > for this serial port console issue.
> OK.
> > Yes there was and it was commented out.
> Right. All this means that the installer, even though it may have been
> using serial console (I'd still like that confirmed), did not recognize
> that fact and thus did not set up the installed system for it, which
> explains the problems on the reboot.

Yes, the install went just fine via the serial port. It was not until the
subsequent reboot from disk when I could not interact with the serial console.

> > By other systems you mean Apple computers or prior generation IBM
> > workstations? What has changed on IBM System p5 servers is that the
> > serial ports or console on the HMC is virtualized via the onboard
> > service processor.
> No, I mean HPPA and SPARC systems mostly as that is what I have experience
> with for serial console installs.
> So, the next step is to find out why the installer does not recognize that
> you are on serial console.
> Can you please boot the installer again and activate a debug shell (there
> is an option in the installer's main menu, or alternatively you can use
> that network-console component).

Yes, I will give that a shot.

> Please provide the output of 'cat /proc/cmdline'.
> Next, run 'nano /usr/lib/finish-install.d/90console'; this will start an
> editor for that file:
> - add a line 'set -x' below 'set -e'
> - delete all lines between (not including) 'ttyterm="$TERM"' and ';;'
> - save and exit
> And then run the script and provide the full output. If you load the
> optional openssh-client-udeb, you can scp a file to another system.
> TIA,

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