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Bug#423578: installation-reports: succesful install on custom-made AMD64-PC

> Ran on second try without problems, couldn't get neither grub nor lilo 
> to install on first try. Second try was expert mode, which then worked
> flawlessly. Sorry that I can't specify the problem, but then I hadn't
> read the documentation hard enough to remember Alt+F4 while installing ;-)
> Error was something like "unable to install grub|lilo on boot sector".
> During first try there had been two USB hard disks attached, too. 
> Perhaps that's part of the problem (they had shown up as sdb and sdc 
> during partitioning).

Is there any chance that you can redo this installation so that you
can save the installation log file (it is installed in
/var/log/installer on the installed system)?

> Gentoo was not detected by grub, but that was to be expoected because it 
> used /boot (sda1) too and had formatted it as ext2 - which the installer 
> doesn't like - it wants ext3. But for /boot journaling is a waste of space
> in my opinion... So I had to eformat /boot for use with debian and losing 
> my gentoo-kernel with that...

At first glance, I see this as a bug. Even if D-I implicitely suggests
ext3 for / and /boot, it may use ext2 and it should be capable of
detecting another system with /boot on ext2.

How was your system booting *before* the installation of Debian? If
there is a grub or lilo install, D-I should detect it and add its
entries to the newly installed boot loader.

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