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Bug#423563: installation-reports

reassign 423563 pcmciautils 014-3
retitle 423563 PCMCIA network card not activated correctly

On Saturday 12 May 2007 23:15, Dmitrii Varvashenia wrote:
> Comments/Problems:
> 1. Detect network card:
> Module don't detected automaticaly
> Manual selection start only from 2nd try

I think this could be related to the fact that the network card does not 
work after reboot, so it seems best to reassign this report to the 
pcmciautils package as I suspect the problem is either there or in the 

Note for pcmciautils maintainer: more details in BR history!

> 2. Configure network:
> with ifconfig while installation don't work parameter hw ether - and I
> can't change MAC to allowed in my THOMSON cable modem TCM420 (no
> access to Internet and updates while install)

As far as I can tell neither 'ifconfig' nor 'ip' in busybox support 
changing the MAC address. Note that it very rare that this is needed and 
I'm not sure that we should add support for this for these rare cases.

> 3. Clock/timezone setup:
> No more question about clock parameter (utz or local time)
> Configured manualy after install

The question is still there, but the system will in most cases not ask it, 
but determine a default value based on what other operating systems are 

> 4. While installation in gui mode no support for cyrilic (russian) on
> console

Known issue. Not sure if we will ever support this.

> 5. Ny pcmcia network card don't work after reboot.
> I must eject and reconnect it every boot. After reconnect it work.

See comments for 1)


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