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Bug#423449: keep (serial) gettys around

On Friday 11 May 2007 23:53, Geert Stappers wrote:
> Op 08-05-2007 om 13:59 schreef John Morrissey:
> > We often install via serial console with ipmitool(1), but also use
> > the local console from time to time. It would be nice if
> > finish-install simply kept these gettys around, or offered an option
> > to do so (perhaps a debconf question that we could preseed?).
> My wish is to keep the serial gettys when done a "keyboard install".

What exactly do you mean by this? Create serial getties even when the 
install is not done over serial console?

Which serial port would you want to use for that? What happens if there is 
not another computer connected to that serial port but some other device?

If an install is done over serial console, we already do keep the serial 
getty, so I really don't understand what you are getting at here.

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