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Bug#423265: Unsetting KEYRING for floppy_boot target breaks builds

Package: debian-installer

The KEYRING variable currently has two functions:
1) the keyring to use while retrieving udebs for the image
2) the keyring to include in the initrd

Because including a keyring in a boot floppy is useless (and there is not 
enough space for it anyway), KEYRING is currently being unset in 
config/i386/floppy/boot.cfg [1] for its second function.

However, this breaks its first function and causes builds of the target 
floppy_boot to fail if fakeroot is used (as get-packages will then use 
the /etc/apt/trusted.gpg which a regular user is not allowed to read).

[1] Why only for i386 and not for boot floppies for other arches?

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